Still panic posting pictures of your dog and hoping for the best?

In case we haven't met IRL, I'm Frances and I've been doing social media marketing for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS.

My mission is to get you as passionate about social media as I am - because I am really head over heels in love with the entire process from coming up with a basic strategy to working out what works best for you and your business.

My favourite part though? Seeing those EUREKA moments when your post has achieved what it's set out to do - because you've worked hard on the back end and you've been specific enough in your goal setting and strategy to support your dreams! I really live for empowering business owners to social media market themselves - there's no one who sounds more like you than you, right?

This video costs you nothing and there are no pitches at the end but if it has inspired you to change the way you and your social media marketing works, buy me a muffin!