Brainstorming sessions are the answers to your strategy and content prayers.

One-to-one sessions to pick my brain so you can get full clarity with your social media marketing and turn those followers into sales.

Are you posting consistently, but without a strategy?

Do you have days, weeks or maybe even months where you can't think what will stop the scroll for your followers?

Are you ready to turn your followers into customers?

Right now, you're panic posting pictures of your dog and hoping to get that ever important engagement.

You are watching your competitors seemingly get the results that you want from your business, but the stars don't feel like they're aligning.

You love the creation process, so you don't want to give that up - but you feel like you're spending all of your free time on Canva and you don't know where to turn next.

You are in the right place if...

  • You are a service based business owner or personal brand and you are ready to take action
  • You still want to do the legwork when it comes to content creation
  • You need to link your social media marketing efforts to support your big business goals
  • The Social Brain

    “I spent a power hour with Frances on Instagram and then she helped me with my Instagram bio. Frances was patient and knowledgeable and took the time to understand me as well as help me discover my niche and audience. She really helped me to focus my thoughts and try to organise the chaos in my mind to not only promote the interesting and relevant posts and story ideas for my audience but gave me great tips along the way. Frances was very supportive and so lovely to work with - I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone trying to make sense of social media!”


    The 1:1 Diet with Luana

  • The Social Brain

    “Had an amazing power hour with Frances who was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! It has really given me clarity and I feel empowered to go forward with my social media feeling much more informed and confident! Highly recommend Jelly Bean Social, whatever social media channel you need help or advice with. Frances is very approachable so I didn’t even feel stupid asking quite basic questions about LinkedIn!
    Thank you so much!”


    Founder, ScreenPop

You need to book in a Brainstorming Session because...

  • You can't keep up with the latest features or announcements on the platform, so you don't post anything.
  • You are watching your competitors too closely, you feel intimidated so you don't post anything.
  • You have seen social media growing businesses for your business owner friends but your content just isn't stopping the scroll so you don't post anything.
  • You are following advice of social media 'gurus' but it's often conflicting advice so you throw in the towel and you don't post anything.


Here's the thing.

Social media marketing is not going anywhere.

But if you don't have a strategy behind your posts that are supporting your big business goals, you won't see the needle move.

The answer is simple. An hour to 90 minutes dedicated with a social media strategist and you'll be able to put one foot in front of the other, without doubting yourself or your content!

Brainstorming Comparison Table
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The Process

When you've purchased your session, you'll receive a questionnaire to make sure we don't miss a single second during our hour.

Fill this in as much detail as possible so we can really make the most of the time we have together.

You'll receive a link to our diary, so you can book in a time and day that suits YOU.

After the session, we will send you over a link where you can download your session. This link will be accessible for 7 days only.

We totally get that you might feel overwhelmed, which is why we offer support via email for seven days after the session to ask any other questions that you might have slept on.

If you need to book in another session, we provide 10% discount for any follow up Brainstorming Sessions.

Too many small business owners are 'good at their social media marketing for a couple of weeks and then something comes up'.

It's time to make your social media marketing consistently good.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

I don't have the time to invest in my social media marketing.

This option isn't for everybody. But having a solid marketing strategy and content to support your small business goals is vital in this digital age.

After booking, you can select a time and day that is suitable for you. If you can't find anything, let us know - some weekend and evening sessions may be available.

If you're ready for someone to do the work for you, we offer a social media manager for the day, where we can create your strategy and 8-12 weeks of content for you.

Are there any payment options?

Unfortunately, there are no payment plans available for our Brainstorming sessions and full payment is to be made before our session. But we'll be here whenever you are ready!

Will this work for me?

During our session (and for 7 days on email afterwards), you will have everything you need to continue on with a strategy for you and for your business.

A content brainstorming session will give you around 3 months' worth of content prompts to create for your business.

We equip you with the tools but you will still need to do the work to see the results that you want for your business.

Sounds great, I'll book in a month's time!

We have limited spaces for our brainstorming sessions per month and are currently taking 10 per month. 

Our clients typically book now for the upcoming month so to avoid disappointment, the earlier you book, the better!

Unsure which Brainstorming Session is for you?

Book in a 15 minute chat so we can see what option suits you best!

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