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To you, it’s a fancy rectangle full of apps you can’t stop opening. To us, it’s an opportunity to get your business seen, heard and loved  

The only thing stopping your business from reaching a possible 4.7 billion people on social media is how you use that rectangle you carry around in your hand all day long. 

We’re here to help you take your small business social media marketing from a box-ticking exercise (you kind of hate) to a focused, fun, business-growing activity (you kind of love). 

We want every post you share, every Story you tell, and every Reel you record to feel thumb-throbbingly good for you and all the Story-swiping, double-tap liking, comment-leaving, Reel-repeating, VN-sending folks who follow you. 

How about that?

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Expert support when time is short

Borrow a Brain | 60-90 min

Having a wobbly social media marketing day? Treat your biz to a 1-1, Zoom intervention. 

Rescue your content from the clutches of a random (panicked) posting schedule. Escape the grip of your 3-hour-a-day Canva habit. Get expert advice on WTF to actually talk about on your business social media account. Perfect for a quick confidence refuel.

£147 for 60-min. Borrow this brain.

Social Media Manager for the Day | 1 day 

Can’t be arsed to strategise and create your social media content? Hire us to be fully-arsed for you. 

Hand over your goals, and we’ll research, strategise and create 8 weeks of content by 5 pm the same day while you kick back with a drink and cackle at how productive you’ve been (without lifting a thumb). Our most popular service, SMM4TD is the ideal jumpstart for a neglected grid.

£800 for the day. Rent this brain.

Brainiacs | Forever 

Miss having colleagues now you’re an entrepreneur? This is the next best thing. 

Brainiacs is your intimate, monthly (leave whenever) membership, filled with bonny business brains, all sharing our struggles, wins and learnings in the supportive privacy of monthly co-working sessions, workshops, an instant chat group and more. 

£39 a month. Join these brains.

The Social Brain

“My enquiries increased by day 1!
The posts are so relative and brilliantly creative. My enquiries increased by day 1! One of the posts reached over 4,000 people! ”

The internet never forgets (so make your Instagram marketing worth remembering): get InstaBrains 

Hate Facebook groups? Calendar rammed with (unattended) business workshops you signed up for with the best of intentions? Rather sell pictures of your feet online than sign up for another 6-month long coaching container? 

InstaBrains might be the anti-social answer to your very-social Instagram marketing challenges. 

Inside our self-paced, 12-step kit, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about running a successful Instagram account for your business.

Drop screen time  

When you know how to use Instagram properly, you’ll spend less time on it. 

(Don’t tell Meta we said that.) Why spend your life on your phone when all the  expert Instagram marketing we’ve crammed into InstaBrains proves you don’t have to live online to succeed!

Pick up anytime 

No deadlines, calendar invites, timers, or expiry dates. 

Whether it’s 5-mins before the school run or 10-mins before bed when you’ve finally got time alone, InstaBrains is always there—waiting for you to pick up where you left off.

Spend less dosh

Social media marketing is 1 of the most in-demand skills you can invest in.

Never hire a social media manager again (unless you fancy it). InstaBrains kits you out so you can run and build your Instagram account with the kind of cash-efficiency that would make HMRC jealous. 


The brain behind the brand 

Hey, I’m Frances, Head Brain and founder of The Social Brain, a 6-person strong team of social media marketing boffins devoted to all-things-scrolly. 

We’re an Essex-based social media marketing agency for small businesses, our special sauce is strategy, and we generously slather it on everything we advise you on, create for you, and teach you. 

My mission in life is to free your thumbs from endless phone scrolling and make your time marketing your business on social media mindful, meaningful, and impactful for your bottom line

So your thumbs can go and do more important things like book a trip to the Caribbean or grip a glass of bubbly over a candlelit dinner.

Want to know more about my thumb-saving capabilities? I've got 12 years of social media marketing in my tote bag, and you can read more about me here.

Why Choose Us

Big Brains 🧠

Taking the stress out of “showing up” in your biz.

When you work with experts, you get peace of mind. We rely on honest, gimmick-free, well-researched organic social media marketing to make your brand standout on social media.

Big Heart 🧡

Support that goes way beyond the stuff we do on your grid.

We’ll grow your community online, so you can enjoy more life offline. We want you to be as excited about marketing your biz as we are, so we keep your personal and professional goals top of mind.

Big Picture 🖼️

Content with intent is money well spent. 

You’ll only get the results you want from social media marketing when you have a strategy that connects with your business goals.That’s where we come in. Thoughtfully thinking through everything we do for your business.

Fancy a year of social media content ideas?

There’s a (free) app for that.

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  • Free access to every important calendar event for your social media
  • First dibs on exclusive social media workshops and events 
  • Oodles of helpful social media workbooks, and blog posts

The Social Brain App

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  • The Social Brain

    “Engagement’s grown on my posts and I’ve expanded my community of ideal clients

    It's so nice to have the stress taken away from being visible and not having to worry about making sure I've remembered to post daily! ”