5 Steps to Changing Your Life When You’re Feeling Stuck with Lara Doherty

Have you ever felt stuck, lost, floundering at sea, or on the hamster wheel of life and don’t know how to get off?

What if you could change your life? What would you alter? What would you do differently?

And where would you start?!

I recently spoke with my friend, Lara Doherty on The Social Brain Podcast where she shared her 5 step plan for changing your life whenever you feel stuck.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Check out episode 31 of the podcast

When it com…

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Give Yourself Permission to Run the Business of Your Dreams with Sarah-Jane Adams

When we start our own businesses, there are lots of “shoulds”.

But how do we navigate the shoulds from what actually brings us joy?

I recently spoke with my friend, Sarah-Jane Adams on The Social Brain Podcast about how to give yourself permission to run the business of your dreams.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Listen to episode 30 on The Social Brain podcast

As business owners, we’re often faced with lots of pieces of advice from lots of well-meaning people. …

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How to Be Confident Everyday with Rebecca Hawkes

Is it possible to be confident everyday?

Can you feel confident all the time?

What’s the quickest way to feel confident in yourself?

I recently spoke with my friend, Rebecca Hawkes on The Social Brain Podcast about all things confidence, including how to feel confident in just 90 seconds.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Listen to Episode 29 on the podcast

When people come to me asking about their social media marketing, it’s generally because they lack confidenc…

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The Power of Self Care: Nurturing Yourself Without Guilt with Steph Grainger

In today's fast-paced world, where everyone seems to be constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and obligations, taking care of ourselves often takes a backseat.

Society has ingrained in us the belief that focusing on our own well-being is a selfish act, something that should be done only when all other tasks are completed.

However, this notion couldn't be further from the truth.

Self-care is not a selfish act but rather an essential practice that enables us to lead healthier, more fulf…

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"How do you come up with never-ending content ideas for Instagram?"

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of content?

Do you struggle to come up with content ideas that pack a punch with your audience?

Get ready for my top tips for never-ending Instagram content that lands.

I get this question a lot: “Frances, how do you never run out of content ideas?!”.

As a social media manager, it’s important for me to practice what I preach. This means posting consistently, coming up with engaging content and sharing the stuff that gets my audience nodding their head…

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The Surprising Benefits of Networking with Felicity Dwyer

When it comes to networking, which one are you?

1️. So nervous that you can’t bare the thought of a 60 second pitch (as if time slows down and it feels like half an hour)

2️. Reaping the rewards of heading to a networking group and growing your business through relationships

I recently spoke with my friend, Felicity Dwyer on The Social Brain Podcast about the 4 surprising benefits (that nobody talks about) when it comes to networking in your business. 

Prefer to listen to the audio version o…

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How to Manage Your Finances without Spreadsheets with Caro Syson

It is more important *than ever* to track your finances - business related or personal.

But what’s the best way to track your business finances?

How can you easily see who still owes you money?

And is there a magic tool that allows you to track more than just your finances?

I recently spoke with my friend, Caro Syson on The Social Brain Podcast about how to track your incomings and outgoings (without spreadsheets!) to really know if you’re putting all your energy into a hobby or a profitable…

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What is Self-Talk & Why is it Important? With Shelley Bosworth

When you think about how you talk to yourself, are you talking to yourself as you would a friend?

Or are you super critical of every single step you take and every single move you make when it comes to being yourself or being in business?

I recently spoke with my friend, Shelley Bosworth, on The Social Brain Podcast about the way we talk to ourselves, why self-talk awareness is important, and the strategies to turn negative speak into positive self-talk so you can push forward with your goals.…

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I’m still buzzing after my first in-person InstaBrains workshop!

It might have been more than two weeks ago now… but I’m still feeling ALL the feels after delivering my very first InstaBrains workshop at CREATE Business Hub in Shenfield on 26th and 27th April.

A group of five fabulous marketers and business owners joined me for top tips on all things Insta. During the two-day session, these lucky attendees learned how to:

  • Build a killer Instagram strategy

Together, we dissected what each guest wanted to achieve with their business, and helped them expl…

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“Can I expense lunch with a client?!” Accounting 101 with Rachel Harris

Do you have financial anxiety as a business owner?

Are you confused about paying taxes as a limited company vs as a sole trader?

Does the thought of dealing with your numbers fill you with dread?

I recently spoke with my friend Rachel Harris on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss all things finance, accounting, and taxes, and get some sound financial advice for small business owners.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Go here.

Financial anxiety - or fanxiety as Rache…

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