What is Self-Talk & Why is it Important? With Shelley Bosworth

When you think about how you talk to yourself, are you talking to yourself as you would a friend?

Or are you super critical of every single step you take and every single move you make when it comes to being yourself or being in business?

I recently spoke with my friend, Shelley Bosworth, on The Social Brain Podcast about the way we talk to ourselves, why self-talk awareness is important, and the strategies to turn negative speak into positive self-talk so you can push forward with your goals.…

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I’m still buzzing after my first in-person InstaBrains workshop!

It might have been more than two weeks ago now… but I’m still feeling ALL the feels after delivering my very first InstaBrains workshop at CREATE Business Hub in Shenfield on 26th and 27th April.

A group of five fabulous marketers and business owners joined me for top tips on all things Insta. During the two-day session, these lucky attendees learned how to:

  • Build a killer Instagram strategy

Together, we dissected what each guest wanted to achieve with their business, and helped them expl…

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“Can I expense lunch with a client?!” Accounting 101 with Rachel Harris

Do you have financial anxiety as a business owner?

Are you confused about paying taxes as a limited company vs as a sole trader?

Does the thought of dealing with your numbers fill you with dread?

I recently spoke with my friend Rachel Harris on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss all things finance, accounting, and taxes, and get some sound financial advice for small business owners.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Go here.

Financial anxiety - or fanxiety as Rache…

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Getting Started with Digital Ads with Sarah Murdoch

Is it time for you to supercharge your social media marketing?

Digital advertising is a great way to enhance your marketing efforts, but when is the right time to commit to it?

How much should you spend on Facebook Ads?

And how long do you need to test things for?

I recently spoke with my friend Sarah Murdoch on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss why, when and how to get started with digital ads.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Go here.

A few years ago, there wa…

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Are you ready to up your Instagram game this year?

There’s been lots of talk recently of Instagram’s declining engagement rates.

And while I can’t deny that I have seen less interaction on this platform than usual recently, I definitely don’t think now is the right time to jump ship and let all the hard work you’ve put into building your following here go to waste.

In fact, I think Instagram can still be extremely valuable for businesses.


Well, firstly, Instagram has 2 billion monthly active users – and it is still growing!

Plus, it’s …

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The Importance of Creating a Contingency Plan with Nikki Stock

What happens if YOU are unavailable in your business?

Do you know someone who can take over in the interim?

Or would your business fall to the ground?

Sometimes things happen within our personal lives that can affect our business, but how do we keep our business running, even when we are not feeling up to it ourselves?

I recently spoke with my friend Nikki Stock on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss the importance of having a contingency plan in both your life and business. 

Prefer to list…

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Employing Someone in Your Business? Here’s What You NEED to Know with Pip Foulsham

How do you know when it’s the right time to employ someone in your business?

What policies do you *legally* need to have in place when employing someone?

Do you have to hire someone as an employee or is there another way?

I recently spoke with my friend Pip Foulsham on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss all things HR, hiring, and how your business culture and leadership influences your employment of new people.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Go here

The easies…

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Have you heard? The Social Brain has won TWO awards in 2023 (so far)!

If you’ve been following my Insta feed, you’ll know that I’ve had some BIG news to share with my clients and followers in the last couple of weeks.

I had to keep schtum about what’s been happening… but I’ve finally been able to let the cat out of the bag and tell you that The Social Brain has won not one, but TWO awards!

At the start of April, I found out that I’d taken home the Best Digital Biz 2023 trophy from the BizBubble Awards. BizBubble champions small independent businesses, and this y…

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Everything You Need to Know About Personal Brand Photography with Amanda Hall

Do you show your face enough for your business?

Are you confident being your authentic self online?

Do you struggle with being visible as a product-based business?

Professional personal brand photography can help you show up on social media with confidence and authenticity so you can build the know, like, trust factor within your community.

I recently spoke with my friend Amanda Hall on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss everything you need to know when it comes to preparing for, and gettin…

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Stand Out on Socials with a Personal Brand with Ella Orr

Do you know what a small business owner’s secret weapon is??

Personal. Branding.

I recently spoke with my friend Ella Orr on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss what personal branding actually is, along with a few simple ways that you can inject your own personality into your content.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Go here. 

Personal branding is something that we’ve seen a lot more of since 2020. We’ve started to see more companies show their personality online an…

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