What’s in store for social media in 2022?

Well, here we are! 2021 is almost over.

Whether you’re ready to welcome in a new chapter, or you’re still getting your head around the fact that another year has passed us by, now is a great time to look at the trends, predictions and developments happening in the social media space ready for 2022 – and work out how you’re going to use them to your advantage.

There is TONNES of great stuff on the horizon for the social media industry in the next few months… but here are 7 important and interesting things you need to know before we usher in the New Year.

1. Video is going nowhere, friends

There’s no hiding from those Lives, people! If you want to maximise engagement and keep growing your following, video content will need to become an even bigger part of your social media campaigns in 2022.

The world’s biggest social media giants know this, which is why they’re all prioritising their video features. Reels is Instagram’s fastest growing tool at the moment, and the platform is expected to place more of a focus on this feature in the app itself.

Elsewhere, Twitter is set to make video an even bigger focus next year, with full-screen presentation options in the making, plus a revamp of some of the tools that were previously found in its now-retired Fleets format.

Snapchat will continue to align itself with the younger crowd by pushing Spotlight, its TikTok-style feed of short video clips that has great potential for commercial users.

Even Pinterest is getting in on the action, with new video display formats in the pipeline.

And, of course, TikTok is just as fun and engaging as ever. In fact, some industry commentators are saying it’s eventually going to leapfrog Facebook and take over social media in 2022. Watch this space!

2. Facebook fatigue is a thing

Despite the fact that Facebook still boasts the most users out of any of the social media platforms – a staggering 2.9 billion users worldwide – many of us are feeling a little disillusioned with the site.

If you feel like Facebook has been all about politics, protests, and provocative opinions in the last few months, you’re not alone. Facebook fatigue has hit us hard, and I predict many users will continue to be wary of how much time they spent on their feed, and the impact this has on their mental health. There’s talk of Facebook introducing some new filtering options to give users more control over the content they see on their timelines, but we’re not yet sure how these will work, or whether they will actually be effective.

Will Facebook’s engagement dip as a result? Time will tell – but I’ll definitely be bearing changing opinions on the site in mind when I’m putting together my clients’ social media strategies. I’ll also be trying to navigate its increasingly restrictive algorithms, which I covered in a little more detail here.

3. The Metaverse is just around the corner

Sticking with Facebook, you may have heard that the company rebranded to ‘Meta’ not too long ago, with a view to introducing more AR/VR tech into its social media offering (and potentially changing the way we interact with social media forever!).

Whether you find the concept creepy or compelling, that’s on you – but be prepared to see lots of wearable tech being introduced, including revamped AR glasses, wristband controls and next-gen versions of Facebook’s Oculus VR headsets. Experts are predicting that more AR/VR functionality will eventually be rolled out to Facebook-owned Instagram, too.

4. Twitter is planning more monetisation features

In the last year or so, Twitter has made it much easier for its users to earn actual revenue from their tweets. This has helped to establish it as a credible means of making money for web-based businesses, rather than just an online echo chamber for opinions on current events.

Features like Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces are already helping users enhance their followers’ experience and start authentic, freer-flowing conversations on the platform. It looks as though there are lots of new ecommerce options in the pipeline as well, with in-stream buying features being tested and tweaked as I write.

5. Twitter Blue is coming to a country near you!

Personally, I’m looking forward to the UK rollout of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s first ever subscription offering, which promises to offer lots of exclusive features and perks to make managing accounts and engagement much easier for individuals and business users (at a very reasonable price, too). Read more about it here.

I can’t wait to find out how I can use Twitter Blue to improve my clients’ ROI from the platform!

6. LinkedIn is shifting to live streams

LinkedIn users can expect better live streaming functionality in the next few months. Earlier in the year, the company announced its plans to merge its live streaming and events tools by expanding its LinkedIn Live feature and enabling full broadcasts in-app. It’s aiming to become the go-to facilitator for hybrid events by helping users connect with a wider digital audience during physical meet-ups and conferences. Check out more info on the move here.

7. Google’s algorithms are placing more weight on social content

Google has finally realised the potential of short form videos, and the impact they can have on the success of today’s brands. That’s why the search engine is trialling the inclusion of video content from TikTok and Instagram’s Reels in its search listings.

There are two benefits to this. Number one, if your videos are shown in search, this could rapidly increase their visibility and their reach, giving you more eyes on your content. And secondly, if Google is considering your video output when it’s indexing and assessing your website, this means that the more videos you publish, the better you’re going to rank for keywords that are relevant to your business. It’s a win/win!

You don’t need to spend all your time keeping up with the latest social media trends

Keeping up with what’s happening in the social media industry is almost a full-time job in itself. Thankfully, I’m here to take on that role for you! Drop me a message to discuss how I can support you in 2022 and beyond by helping you make the most of all the latest tools, features and developments on offer from the world’s biggest social platforms.


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