I’m still buzzing after my first in-person InstaBrains workshop!

It might have been more than two weeks ago now… but I’m still feeling ALL the feels after delivering my very first InstaBrains workshop at CREATE Business Hub in Shenfield on 26th and 27th April.

A group of five fabulous marketers and business owners joined me for top tips on all things Insta. During the two-day session, these lucky attendees learned how to:

  • Build a killer Instagram strategy

Together, we dissected what each guest wanted to achieve with their business, and helped them explore ways that Instagram can support their unique goals.

This is what’s so brilliant about running these kinds of intimate, face-to-face sessions – everyone can get bespoke advice that often leads them to those amazing lightbulb moments that can redefine the way they manage their social media marketing. Plus, all guests can get instant ideas and feedback from everyone else in the room during our group discussions.

  • Make the most of Instagram’s different features

There’s so much going on over at Insta HQ right now, with the platform introducing new features by the day (…well, not really, but that’s what it seems like!). I talked everybody through the in’s and out’s of Instagram’s greatest tools to help them get confident with trying new approaches and different formats, and we went through how to update Instagram bios for maximum discoverability.

I also introduced them to the hidden gems that would help them protect their mental health while using the app – something that’s really important to me personally, as I know from first-hand experience just how overwhelming social media can be for many entrepreneurs.

  • Come up with a content plan

From walking through different content types to teaching my group how to write captions and research hashtags, we covered a LOT over the course of this two-dayer. Everyone appreciated my insights on finding topics that work on Instagram, because, as we all know, some concepts are made for the app, and others won’t fare quite so well in terms of engaging audiences and getting them to embark on a journey with a brand. My guests came away with a clear idea of the kind of content that was going to a) light up their Insta feed and b) support their wider business strategy. Wins all round!

I also held space for attendees to come up with their own content ideas during the workshop, and get immediate feedback from me for added value.

Feeling the FOMO?

If you couldn’t make my latest InstaBrains workshop, don’t think you’ve missed out completely – because I’m currently preparing for another session on Tuesday 6th June.

This one-day workshop will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm and will be online only, meaning there’s no limit to the number of people who can join us. As well as covering many of the topics listed above, I’ll be running a Q&A round, during which you can ask me literally anything you like about Instagram.

It’s just £97 for the day, or you can pay in two installments of £50. There will be a replay for three days after the event, so you can rewatch all the action and digest all the information at your own pace.

Grab your ticket by following this link and see what all the fuss is about. I can’t wait to see you on screen!


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