How to work with a social media influencer

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with high profile social media users who can help you promote your brand to communities that care about what you have to offer.

The idea is, you ask your influencer to mention your products or services in a post, Story or video, and include a link back to your website or social media profile so potential new customers can find you.

Most influencers charge a fee for the exposure (although some are open to product swaps in place of cash payments).

What’s so great about it?

92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is an effective strategy for extra reach and engagement. Why? Because users respond better to organically designed social posts than traditional ads – especially if the content is coming from someone they know, like and trust.

What kind of ROI can you get?

Success rates vary between businesses, but according to a survey conducted by Mediakrix in 2019, 89% of marketers are reporting that their return from influencer marketing is better than, or at least comparable to, the results they are getting from other channels – which is not bad for an approach that’s only been around a few years! Some companies have enjoyed clawing back up to 11 times their original spend.

How to choose the right influencer

There are three things you need to think about when finding the right influencer for your campaign:

1. Where do your audience hang out?

Are your ideal clients logging into Facebook daily, or more likely to be seen scrolling through their Instagram feed at any opportunity? You need to think about which social media channel is going to bring about amazing results for your business and focus your efforts there. If you’re not sure which platform will work best, you might want to check out this blog I put together a little while ago.

2. Does the influencer share your values?

You need to work with an influencer who aligns with you professionally, politically and philosophically. Their style needs to be a good match for your brand, too. Do your research, come up with a list of options, and be sure to check through each influencer’s previous posts to discover whether they’re going to be a good fit.

3. Does he or she have enough followers to make the relationship worthwhile?

It’s not ALL about the numbers. Your influencer doesn’t need to have millions of followers to do a great job for your brand. However, you need to know that the people who do support them are engaging in their content. Look out for lots of likes, comments and shares – these are all good signs that the influencer’s posts are not only reaching people but resonating with them.

How to establish the perfect partnership

They can have a reputation for being a bit aloof – but (most) social media influencers don’t bite! The key to striking up a brilliant relationship from the outset is to connect with your chosen influencer over something you have in common.

Spend some time reading their previous posts. Get to know them before you slide into their DMs. Tell them you appreciate their work, highlight how they might be able to help you, and be clear on what you are willing to offer in return for their time.

Oh, and top tip: never, EVER reach out to an influencer on the assumption that they will be happy to work with you for free. It takes blood, sweat and tears to maintain a decent reach on social media these days, and your marketing partner 100% deserves to be reimbursed for all their efforts.

How much should you pay for a promotion?

Unless you’re working with someone like Kylie Jenner, who has millions upon millions of followers, you shouldn’t need to pay through the nose for a good endorsement. Many influencers here in the UK will charge between £100 and £250 per sponsored post, which is affordable for the average SME. Those with a bigger reach might ask for upwards of £1,000.

At the end of the day, the amount you invest in influencer marketing will ultimately depend on how much money is in your marketing pot, and how much of the budget you’re willing to put into this channel.

If you need a hand reaching out to social media influencers, I can help. Drop me a message and let’s have a chat!


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