How to fall back in love with social media

Love it or loathe it, it’s hard to ignore the season of lurrrrve.

Yup. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your socials are soon going to be packed full of sentimental posts and cheesy couple selfies. (There’s not much I can do about that. Sorry.)

Soppiness aside, it’s a great time to ramp up your company’s social media output, as there’s bound to be loads of activity over Valentine’s weekend.

But what if you’re just not feeling it anymore?

What if you’re bored with your business’ social media strategy? What if you’re feeling jaded, cynical, or just downright exhausted from all the hours you’ve spent crafting your social media presence in the last few months?

In business, as in relationships, you get out what you put in. And it’s the same with social media. It’s easy to lose your momentum, though, especially when you have a thousand other things to think about.

Here are three tips for relighting your social media fire and re-injecting some passion into your posts!

1. Find out what’s holding you back – and fix it.

Are you lacking confidence in your content?

Are you struggling to come up with good ideas?

Is a lack of time preventing you from posting as consistently as you should?

Whatever it is that’s stopping you from achieving your social media goals, it’s time to get real and admit to yourself where the problems actually lie.

Once you’ve realised which aspect of running your social media accounts is challenging you the most, you can start to get the help you need.

If it’s inspiration you’re after, I’d totally recommend booking in a Brainstorming Hour with either myself or another a member of The Social Brain team. During your 1:1 Zoom session, we’ll go into more detail about what’s holding you back and give you plenty of advice you can start actioning straight away. You can sign up for a Content Brainstorming Session or a Strategy Brainstorming session here.

Or, if you think the time has come to outsource the management of your social media campaign to the professionals, you can always speak to me about The Social Brain’s bespoke social media management services.

The key thing is, help is available, if and when you need it!

2. Stick with your favourite platform (at least for now).

I speak to SO many business owners who are spreading themselves too thin.

Yes, having a multi-network presence is brilliant in terms of exposure. But it’s a lot of work. And nobody wants to spend their precious time with their head in a social media site they don’t actually like.

If Twitter’s your thing, tweet away. If Facebook is your friend, fabulous – keep posting as often as you can. If you think Pinterest is the perfect place to showcase your products, pick up the pace here, pal.

Don’t pump out content on multiple platforms for the sake of it. Streamline your presence where you can. You’re much better off sticking with one site, particularly if you know it’s where your ideal audience are hanging out, and you’re already seeing a better return from it in terms of engagement. Focus your efforts on achieving meaningful interactions in an environment you enjoy, and the rest will follow.

3. Revisit your ‘why’.

As entrepreneurs, we often spend too much time working in our business, not on it. Between attending endless meetings, answering countless emails, and actually servicing our customers, it’s easy for us to lose sight of why we started out on our own in the first place.

If you’re not sure what your brand mission is anymore, this will have an impact on the quality of the content you’re producing. Plus, lacklustre ideas that have no real direction will definitely not resonate with your prospective customers.

My advice? Go back to the drawing board. Write your company name on a big piece of paper and start jotting down exactly what your brand represents to you, and what it means to your customers. Explore your values. Revisit the problems you solve. Remember why you exist. I guarantee you’ll come away from this exercise feeling much clearer on your purpose, which will pave the way for plenty of lightbulb moments in the days and weeks ahead.

If you’re keen to ease yourself back into social media after a little hiatus, you might enjoy this post from a little while ago, which contains tips on how to recapture your social media mojo and overcome some of those common challenges we mentioned earlier.


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