Why I can’t get enough of Instagram right now

I can’t lie – I’ve gone a little Instagram mad over the summer.

It’s partly because I embarked on an exhausting but fascinating Reels challenge that saw me posting unique video clips to Instagram for 31 days, non-stop. (You can read the results from that here).

It’s a little bit down to the pandemic. Sometimes a little escapism works wonders amongst all the doom and gloom, and, like TikTok, Instagram delivers the entertainment factor.

But it’s largely because it just feels a little more fun than a lot of the other major platforms right now. Wouldn’t you agree?

What’s so great about Instagram?

To me, what makes Instagram shine is its ability to nurture our creative side.

Whatever device we’re using, or however strapped for time we are, we can all show off our artistic prowess thanks to a suite of features that are quick to load and easy to use (even for complete novices).

From filters to text overlays, interactive backgrounds to music clips, there are plenty of ways we can jazz up our content from within the app itself. The more design-savvy amongst us can also use external editing software to create more professional-looking images or videos, then upload them to Instagram.

If you’re totally new to everything Instagram can offer, you might want to check out my previous post, which will introduce you in more detail to three of the best Instagram features for businesses: Stories, Lives, and IGTV. In varying ways and varying formats, they allow you to add, edit, and put your own stamp on your visual content. 

And if you want to see all these features in action, just head over to my own Instagram feed! I love experimenting with different types of content and I love sharing posts, videos, Stories and Reels that are packed with my own personality.

I believe that being authentic is SO important on social media – especially when you’re using it to promote your products or services! – and Instagram provides me with everything I need to just be me.

Also, I’m lucky to have a beautiful, relentlessly supportive community of followers on Insta who never fail to inspire me with their words of wisdom, their hilarious stories, and their general all-round awesomeness. It’s true what they say; it’s not where you are, but who you’re with. The people I’ve connected with on Instagram give me a reason to keep showing up and doing my best for them. Plus, there’s always the excitement of making my next great connection or coming across a brilliant opportunity to work or collaborate with somebody new.

OK, enough gushing. You get the idea. Instagram is the app of the moment for me.

What are your thoughts?

Do you love Instagram, or does it just not work for you?

Would you like some advice on how to increase your reach on the platform, or how to get to grips with everything it can offer?

Either way, I can help you make the most of this hugely popular social media platform, in a way that will work wonders for your own business. Book in your free compatibility call with me to get advice straight off the bat (and listen to me sing Instagram’s praises just that little bit more!).


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