Are you using hashtags to your advantage?

Do you take time to research and apply the right hashtags to every one of your social media posts?

Or do you type in a couple of random phrases, click ‘upload’, and hope for the best?

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re guilty of the latter.

Even I’m suffering with a bit of hashtag fatigue.

Keeping up with the latest hashtag trends often seems like a full-time job in itself. As marketers, we can’t stick with the same ideas forever – we need to be constantly refreshing and updating our hashtag str…

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How to find the right hashtags for your posts

What are hashtags, and why are they important?

Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter, but are now used across pretty much all social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

They are digital labels that provide you with a way of categorising your social media posts according to particular themes and topics.

By hashtagging words and phrases correctly, you can:

  • Make sure your content is discoverable
  • Increase exposure for yourself or your business
  • Publicly con…

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