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I’m still buzzing after my first in-person InstaBrains workshop!

It might have been more than two weeks ago now… but I’m still feeling ALL the feels after delivering my very first InstaBrains workshop at CREATE Business Hub in Shenfield on 26th and 27th April.

A group of five fabulous marketers and business owners joined me for top tips on all things Insta. During the two-day session, these lucky attendees learned how to:

  • Build a killer Instagram strategy

Together, we dissected what each guest wanted to achieve with their business, and helped them expl…

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Create a Winning Content Strategy to Boost Your Sales on Socials

(Want to listen to this blog post instead? Check out Episode 7 of The Social Brain podcast.)

Does creating a content strategy for social media leave your head in a spin?!

So many business owners post on social media without having a clear content plan, which can lead them to not get the results they want (and deserve!).

When you’ve got a well thought out content strategy in place, you’re likely to see an increase in followers, engagement and most importantly, SALES!

If you follow me on Insta…

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The Pros and Cons of Going Viral on Social Media with Laura Jane

(Want to listen to this blog post instead? Check out Episode 6 of The Social Brain podcast.)

Have you ever googled “how to go viral on social media”?

Would you love your reels to hit millions of views?

Do you dream of social media fame?

After listening to this episode of The Social Brain Podcast, you might just change your mind….

I recently spoke with my friend Laura Jane on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss what it’s *really* like to go viral on social media after an audio Laura created …

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Everything you need to know about Instagram’s news feed changes

If you follow me on the ‘gram, you’ll have already seen the announcement I made a few days ago about the changes to time feeds on the platform.

Instagram has recently introduced two hotly anticipated news feed features, which are designed to give you tonnes more control over who and what you see when you log in for a scroll.

There are now three options in total:

1. Home

This is the default option – the one you’ve been using recently, up until now. It displays content based on your habits wit…

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What is social listening - and how can you use it to improve your social media strategy?

How can we expect our audience to respond well to our social media content if we don’t know what they ?

And more to the point – how can we work out what our followers want from us without ?

Social listening is all about keeping an ear out for the hot topics within your industry. It involves analysing the conversations that are happening in your community to learn about the things that really matter to your fans and followers. It comes down to collecting insights into everything that’s happenin…

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