The Pros and Cons of Going Viral on Social Media with Laura Jane

(Want to listen to this blog post instead? Check out Episode 6 of The Social Brain podcast.)

Have you ever googled “how to go viral on social media”?

Would you love your reels to hit millions of views?

Do you dream of social media fame?

After listening to this episode of The Social Brain Podcast, you might just change your mind….

I recently spoke with my friend Laura Jane on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss what it’s *really* like to go viral on social media after an audio Laura created …

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Introducing… InstaBrains!

Ready to level up your Instagram marketing?

My new digital course talks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to create a winning Instagram strategy that’s less about boosting your followers and more about generating meaningful interactions that lead to actual results for your brand.

Enter: InstaBrains.

Why did I put together InstaBrains?

I’ve got more than 12 years’ experience in running Instagram accounts for my clients. I’ve been exploring every nook and cranny of this platform since i…

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I’m getting sick of all the shifts on Instagram – are you?

Has Instagram’s updated newsfeed turned you off, too?

SO many of my clients and followers have told me they’re not happy with the new format – particularly as there’s now a bigger emphasis on including Reels in the feed, in a full-screen style, with the navigation bar, description and Instagram logo overlaying the video itself.

(In case you didn’t know, all videos under 15 minutes long will now become Reels, too – whether you want them to or not.)

This update has been in the works for a while…

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FIVE of the most explosive social media stories from 2021

2021 has been packed full of social media headlines, hasn’t it?

We’ve seen blackouts, bans, meltdowns, letdowns, and even digital fisticuffs – and the year isn’t even over yet!

To tie in nicely with Fireworks Night here in the UK, here’s my pick of the 5 most incredible (and EXPLOSIVE) social media stories from the last few months. Enjoy!

1. Facebook disappeared – and boy, did we feel it

OK, let’s start with the serious stuff. Facebook has suffered outages before, but it beat all previous re…

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Are you making the most of Facebook?

You might already be active on Facebook, and you may get the odd enquiry from your profile now and then – but I bet you’re not using this platform fullest potential.

Showing up isn’t enough. To really get the most from your Facebook marketing campaign, you need to be making the most of the network’s many incredible features.

Here, I’m going to talk you through five tips and tactics I often share with clients who are keen to grow their Facebook following.

How to use Facebook for marketing your…

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The secret to banishing algorithm anxiety

I often hear business owners and other marketers talking about the impact that social media algorithms have had on their reach and their engagement.

Here, I’m going to talk a little bit about how the algorithms on the major social media platforms influence what we see, share and interact with on a daily basis – and I’m going to introduce you to the BEST way to stop algorithm anxiety from sucking the fun out of your social media strategy!

What is an algorithm, anyway?

In social media terms, an…

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