Are you using hashtags to your advantage?

Do you take time to research and apply the right hashtags to every one of your social media posts?

Or do you type in a couple of random phrases, click ‘upload’, and hope for the best?

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re guilty of the latter.

Even I’m suffering with a bit of hashtag fatigue.

Keeping up with the latest hashtag trends often seems like a full-time job in itself. As marketers, we can’t stick with the same ideas forever – we need to be constantly refreshing and updating our hashtag str…

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Introducing… The Social Brain!

It feels like it’s been SO long in the making… but we’ve finally rebranded!

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on our socials will have seen a BIG announcement from our founder, Frances, across our social accounts during the Christmas break.

On 29th December 2021, we officially said a fond goodbye to Jelly Bean Social, and a heartfelt adios to Social Media with Frances (which was always a stopgap, to be honest), before unveiling our new name: The Social Brain.

Why did we settle on The …

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Why do you hate social media so much?

You’d think that I’d shy away from working with people who say they hate social media, right?


In fact, this is often something I look out for when I’m in conversations with other business owners.

I love nothing more than converting a social media cynic into a fierce advocate of everything these incredible tools can do for them.

Here are four reasons why you might have beef with social media – and what you need to do to overcome your limiting beliefs and start embracing everything these…

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How to use your blogs within your social media strategy

In the same way that posting regularly on social media can boost awareness of your business in your online community, blogging can help you share your knowledge with your followers and let them into your world.

It can be difficult to come up with consistently great blog ideas, though – and it can be even trickier to know how to use these concepts within your social media strategy for the best results.

Read on for some quick blogging tips, tricks and general musings that have been based on my m…

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