Our top 5 LinkedIn tips for new business owners

You’ve done it!

Whether by choice or by circumstance, you’re now the proud owner of a business – and you’re ready to start getting your exciting new venture out there.

But where do you start?


Every. Time.

Because when it’s managed correctly, LinkedIn can be such a powerful platform for start-ups in virtually all sectors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a management consultant, an online retailer, a plumber or a cake maker – there will be an audience for you on this hugely popular soc…

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5 top tips to help you create a head-turning LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has been a hot topic in my networking circles lately. It’s the social media site that’s often the most useful for business owners – but in my experience, it’s also the one that confuses them the most!

I was recently asked to present at a Pop Connect event, and because I always want my talks to deliver as much value as possible, I ran a poll that asked my networking colleagues which social media platform they needed the most help with. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were definite conte…

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