"How do you come up with never-ending content ideas for Instagram?"

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of content?

Do you struggle to come up with content ideas that pack a punch with your audience?

Get ready for my top tips for never-ending Instagram content that lands.

I get this question a lot: “Frances, how do you never run out of content ideas?!”.

As a social media manager, it’s important for me to practice what I preach. This means posting consistently, coming up with engaging content and sharing the stuff that gets my audience nodding their head…

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I’m still buzzing after my first in-person InstaBrains workshop!

It might have been more than two weeks ago now… but I’m still feeling ALL the feels after delivering my very first InstaBrains workshop at CREATE Business Hub in Shenfield on 26th and 27th April.

A group of five fabulous marketers and business owners joined me for top tips on all things Insta. During the two-day session, these lucky attendees learned how to:

  • Build a killer Instagram strategy

Together, we dissected what each guest wanted to achieve with their business, and helped them expl…

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Getting Started with Digital Ads with Sarah Murdoch

Is it time for you to supercharge your social media marketing?

Digital advertising is a great way to enhance your marketing efforts, but when is the right time to commit to it?

How much should you spend on Facebook Ads?

And how long do you need to test things for?

I recently spoke with my friend Sarah Murdoch on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss why, when and how to get started with digital ads.

Prefer to listen to the audio version of our conversation? Go here.

A few years ago, there wa…

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Are you ready to up your Instagram game this year?

There’s been lots of talk recently of Instagram’s declining engagement rates.

And while I can’t deny that I have seen less interaction on this platform than usual recently, I definitely don’t think now is the right time to jump ship and let all the hard work you’ve put into building your following here go to waste.

In fact, I think Instagram can still be extremely valuable for businesses.


Well, firstly, Instagram has 2 billion monthly active users – and it is still growing!

Plus, it’s …

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Top Tips for Going Live On Social Media From a Social Media Manager

(Want to listen to this blog post instead? Check out Episode 5 of The Social Brain podcast.)

Do you struggle when it comes to going live on social media?

You’re not alone.

In fact, most of our clients actively avoid going live on their social media platforms. 

But utilising the live feature is a fantastic way to nurture your audience and turn your community into customers. 

If you follow me on Instagram and are part of my ‘close friends’ crew, you’ll know I often pop up the little question …

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The Pros and Cons of Going Viral on Social Media with Laura Jane

(Want to listen to this blog post instead? Check out Episode 6 of The Social Brain podcast.)

Have you ever googled “how to go viral on social media”?

Would you love your reels to hit millions of views?

Do you dream of social media fame?

After listening to this episode of The Social Brain Podcast, you might just change your mind….

I recently spoke with my friend Laura Jane on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss what it’s *really* like to go viral on social media after an audio Laura created …

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4 Common Questions I Get Asked About Social Media

(Want to listen to this blog post instead? Check out Episode 1 of The Social Brain podcast.)

Social media marketing can help to grow your business, increase brand loyalty, and boost your sales.

But it can also be overwhelming and confusing when you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you follow me on Instagram and are part of my close friend crew, you’ll know I often pop up the little question box sticker to help you with your struggles.

I recently asked you what you most needed help with on so…

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Introducing… InstaBrains!

Ready to level up your Instagram marketing?

My new digital course talks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to create a winning Instagram strategy that’s less about boosting your followers and more about generating meaningful interactions that lead to actual results for your brand.

Enter: InstaBrains.

Why did I put together InstaBrains?

I’ve got more than 12 years’ experience in running Instagram accounts for my clients. I’ve been exploring every nook and cranny of this platform since i…

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I’m getting sick of all the shifts on Instagram – are you?

Has Instagram’s updated newsfeed turned you off, too?

SO many of my clients and followers have told me they’re not happy with the new format – particularly as there’s now a bigger emphasis on including Reels in the feed, in a full-screen style, with the navigation bar, description and Instagram logo overlaying the video itself.

(In case you didn’t know, all videos under 15 minutes long will now become Reels, too – whether you want them to or not.)

This update has been in the works for a while…

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Is Instagram still in the throes of an identity crisis?

When Instagram was first founded back in 2010, its focus was almost entirely on allowing users to share, tag, and comment on images.

And when it started getting more popular post-2012, users were taken in with the relatively easy breezy nature of the platform. They loved being able to endlessly scroll through photographs and graphics without having to read big, chunky captions.

In fact, Instagram delivered a welcome departure from the text-based, politically charged forums on Facebook, and the…

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