Introducing… The Social Brain!

It feels like it’s been SO long in the making… but we’ve finally rebranded!

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on our socials will have seen a BIG announcement from our founder, Frances, across our social accounts during the Christmas break.

On 29th December 2021, we officially said a fond goodbye to Jelly Bean Social, and a heartfelt adios to Social Media with Frances (which was always a stopgap, to be honest), before unveiling our new name: The Social Brain.

Why did we settle on The Social Brain?

Well, because we are literally a collective of social media industry brains. Every member of our team specialises in a different area of social and digital marketing, but all of our heads come together to help achieve incredible results for the businesses that work with us. 

We’re a hive of knowledge and experience, and we feel The Social Brain captures the authority and the expertise we bring to our industry, as well as the increasingly collaborative approach we’re taking towards our clients’ projects.

What does this mean for you?

At our core, we haven’t changed. Partner with our team, and you’ll still be able to get your hands on our affordable yet effective social media planning and management services, all of which are delivered by some of the best bods in the sector.

We’re still the same friendly bunch you’ve come to know and love, and we’ll still be doing everything we can to make sure you’re totally supported on your social journey, regardless of your size, budget, or the goals you set for your campaigns.

You’ll notice that our brand colours have changed, which has given us something of a new identity. We’ll also be taking a slightly different approach to our content online, to make sure we’re consistently authentic and aligned with our purpose as a business. But everything we’ve got in the pipeline is designed to ensure you get even MORE value from us; more tips, more advice, more how-tos, and, just as importantly, more encouragement than ever before! Expect honesty, transparency, and plenty of fun ideas and positive thinking along the way.

As we’ve expanded our team in the last few months, we’ll also be placing more of a focus on helping our clients find the right digital marketing professional for their exact requirements. From experienced engagement experts and kick-ass content planners to highly skilled managers and paid ad gurus, we’re confident we’ve got the talent to take any campaign to the next level. And, as you’d expect, our Head Brain, Frances, will always be on hand to answer your questions, share her ideas, and make sure you’re getting the best possible experience from our incredible collective. You really couldn’t wish to have a better network of people in your corner!

Our fees will be increasing slightly, and we will be creating some new packages to make it easier for our clients to pick the solution that’s right for them. We’ll be unveiling these in the next few weeks, so keep checking back to our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts for more info. 

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new name and our revamped brand. Drop us a message with your thoughts or leave us a comment or a DM on one of our social pages.


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