Everything You Need to Know About Personal Brand Photography with Amanda Hall

Do you show your face enough for your business?

Are you confident being your authentic self online?

Do you struggle with being visible as a product-based business?

Professional personal brand photography can help you show up on social media with confidence and authenticity so you can build the know, like, trust factor within your community.

I recently spoke with my friend Amanda Hall on The Social Brain Podcast to discuss everything you need to know when it comes to preparing for, and getting the most from, a personal brand photo shoot.

If you’re thinking about investing in new photos or are keen to book your first ever brand shoot, this blog post will answer your questions.

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What is personal brand photography?

Personal brand photography is all about showing your face in the places you market yourself. This could be social media, on your website, on business cards, or on leaflets about your product. Showing your face regularly will help to build the know, like, trust factor with your clients, which is really important for making them aware of what you offer AND getting them to eventually buy from you. 

Having a personal brand photo shoot can help to increase your visibility and boost your confidence when it comes to posting on social media. When you have a beautiful bank of professional photos, you no longer have to worry about what images to share, so you can become more consistent with your marketing. Hello, more sales!

Most people are instantly drawn to photos and will most likely look at images before deciding whether to read the copy on your social posts or the blurb on your website. By sharing a professional photo of yourself, you’ll instantly grab their attention and encourage them to read on. 

Amanda says: “When you're doing your emails, it's quite nice to have a photo in your signature because then they can remember that image and instantly recognise it’s you who’s emailing them.

“Imagery plays a powerful part in your mind, so having that strong visual, even if it's just a headshot, helps you show up powerfully and stand out from others.

How do you prepare for a branding shoot?

Preparing for a personal branding photoshoot is a strategic process. Whilst the photographer will do a lot of prep work beforehand, you’ll also be required to do some prep too to ensure you get the most out of your experience.  

Each photographer is different, and you may find the process is different depending on who you go to. One thing that any good brand photographer will do, though, is research your business beforehand. They’ll ask you about yourself and your business, and get to understand your personality to ensure the photos that are taken are authentic and accurately represent exactly what it is that makes you ‘you’. 

Amanda likes to find out where her clients typically hang out, the styles of images they like, and what the client’s ideal customers are likely to resonate with, too. 

Amanda says: “If you're a cooking expert, it'd be quite nice to be in your kitchen area to showcase what you do or how you prepare food, for example. If you’re a coach, then maybe somewhere like an office or talking to other people.

Knowing this information in advance means the photographer can prepare the scene and plan for those times when other people need to be included in the images.  

How do you make your photos stand out from other businesses?

Choosing a location is an important part of the planning process because you want to make sure your photos represent you and your personality and also stand out from the sea of other photos on social media.

The beauty of personal brand photography is that it can be taken anywhere. For example, you could have your photos taken at home, in a coffee shop, an office space, a studio, or even outdoors. The possibilities are endless!

What you don’t want to do is end up with photos that feel forced or are staged in a way that doesn’t represent who you are.

Amanda says: “It’s nice to have a few posed shots, like a headshot, but people want to see you in your natural environment. This is why having a conversation with my clients and making them feel that bit more relaxed, so that they're not feeling stiff or uncomfortable, is so important.

Amanda now offers group branding shoots, as she’s noticed that when you have a group of people around you and are not on your own, you can start to feel more relaxed.

How do you decide which personal branding photo(s) to use on your social media and/or website?

The most important thing to think about is who your audience is and what they would like to see from you. What’s going to make them stop scrolling?

You also want to stand out from the crowd, so think about other people in your industry and how you can separate yourself from them stylistically. Choose an image that showcases you as an expert, that shows off your personality and makes you instantly recognisable from a quick glance. 

Where can you find inspiration ahead of your brand shoot?

Having ideas ahead of a shoot can help you feel prepared and excited to actually have your photos taken. 

When it comes to finding inspiration for your personal brand shoot, a great place to start is Pinterest. Scroll through the images and save any locations, poses or setups that you like to a private Pinterest board that you can easily share these ideas with your photographer. 

Google is also a great place to look for inspiration, especially if you have a specific location in mind, like a beach or a forest. And whilst you have to consider things like the weather if you’re aiming for an outdoor shoot, it’s still good to have a plan in place and search for inspiration ahead of time.

For the photographer, it’s not just a case of taking a camera and shooting. They need to consider the lighting, the surroundings, and what you, as the customer, actually wants – so the more you can tell them in advance, the better.

How often should you update your branding photos?

We are constantly evolving as humans and that means that our brands are constantly evolving too. This is why it’s important to regularly update your branding photos. But how long should you leave it before having new photos taken?

If you’re updating your overall brand (think colours, fonts, logo) then it’s a good idea to get new photos to go with the new brand. 

However, you don’t need to update everything to update your photos. If you’re posting regularly on social media, having branding photos taken can help to keep your page fresh and stop your community from scrolling past your posts.

When it comes to updating your brand photos, you want to consider having a new photoshoot around every 2 years. This will keep your brand relevant and up to date.

Do you really need photos of your face when you’re a product-based business?

Sharing the face behind your business is important if you want to create relationships with your customers and build the know, like, trust factor. Whilst it may feel more comfortable to hide behind your products, the more you show your face, the more likely you are to increase your sales.

Having professional photos can help to take away your visibility fears and help you feel more confident about marketing your business online.

Helping your customers get to know you through sharing personal brand photos can also increase the chance of repeat purchases. When your customers feel like they know you, they’ll want to continue supporting you. 

So, when are you booking your next branding photoshoot?

Amanda Hall is a Personal Brand Photographer who works with small businesses to boost their visibility and improve their confidence in showing their face on social media. Amanda helps businesses to connect with their ideal clients through images that perfectly capture their personality.

Follow Amanda on Instagram, LinkedIn and visit her website here.


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