Are you ready to up your Instagram game this year?

There’s been lots of talk recently of Instagram’s declining engagement rates.

And while I can’t deny that I have seen less interaction on this platform than usual recently, I definitely don’t think now is the right time to jump ship and let all the hard work you’ve put into building your following here go to waste.

In fact, I think Instagram can still be extremely valuable for businesses.


Well, firstly, Instagram has 2 billion monthly active users – and it is still growing!

Plus, it’s still the preferred platform for Millennials. Compared to other sites, Instagram still holds strong influence with those under 35 (even compared to TikTok).

Secondly, certain formats, like Reels, are still working really well on Instagram in terms of driving engagement. 

And lastly, from my own personal research, users tend to check their Insta feeds first thing in the morning, before they log into Facebook. From this, I can say with confidence that scrolling through Instagram is still very much a habit for many of your target customers – so why would you want to abandon the site while people are still actively a part of the Instagram community?

If anything, you should be upping your game!

Improve your Instagram presence for greater marketing gains

When it comes to promoting yourself effectively on Instagram, what works for your business might be a disaster for others. Success here is all about putting together a tailored plan of action based on what you offer, what your audience expects to see, and how you want to come across as a brand.

HOWEVER – there are a few tried-and-tested tools and approaches that will give even the most lacklustre of Insta strategies a much-needed boost, regardless of how big you are, or what industry you’re in.

In my next InstaBrains LIVE workshop, I’ll be focusing on helping you smash down any barriers you’re facing and give you the content confidence to start making consistent sales on Instagram.

It’s going to be a two-day, face-to-face event in Shenfield, Essex with a maximum of 10 spaces, so you’ll get plenty of focused attention from me and will have the opportunity to ask all your burning questions in a safe, friendly space alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Come along, and you’ll also get:

  • A "not available anywhere else" workbook to help you put all your new ideas and techniques into practice
  • A FREE copy of our Social Media Strategy Planner to help you save time, conserve brainpower, and plan a little further ahead
  • Lunch, refreshments and snacks – of course!

I’m planning to run this same workshop every 6 weeks, so if you can’t make the next date, there’ll be another opportunity later in the year.

Head over to my dedicated InstaBrains LIVE page for more information and to book yourself in! You’ll find all my current dates and offers right at the top.


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