Introducing… InstaBrains!

Ready to level up your Instagram marketing?

My new digital course talks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to create a winning Instagram strategy that’s less about boosting your followers and more about generating meaningful interactions that lead to actual results for your brand.

Enter: InstaBrains.

Why did I put together InstaBrains?

I’ve got more than 12 years’ experience in running Instagram accounts for my clients. I’ve been exploring every nook and cranny of this platform since it was launched way back in 2010, and I’ve made it my mission to stay on top of Instagram’s never-ending evolution since I launched my own business several years ago.

I’ve delivered tonnes of talks on the subject; I’ve covered Instagram extensively in my Brainiacs community; and I’m always testing new approaches to find out what actually works, and what’s just a load of hot air.

So, I thought to myself – why don’t I pack all these insights and all my experience into one easy-to-follow course that my clients can complete at their own pace?

Several months later, and after squeezing every last drop of Instagram knowledge from my mind, InstaBrains is live – and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Who is the course for?

I’ve got to get one thing straight: InstaBrains is NOT for people who like to sign up for dozens of courses a year, but never actually put their new knowledge into action. (We’ve all been there...!)

I want you to get the most value possible from what I’ve created, which means you’ll need to take away my tips and put them into action them on your own account.

If you’ve resigned yourself to hating Instagram’s algorithm forevermore, this might not be the programme for you, either. You’ll need to make peace with the way Instagram runs things if you want to make the platform work for you. 

Anyone who is open to new ways of upping their Instagram game will benefit from InstaBrains, but the course will be particularly useful if you:

  • Run a service-based business
  • Enjoy running your social media campaigns yourself (and aren’t looking for someone to take over this job for you)
  • Want to train up a team member on how to create and manage an effective Instagram strategy
  • Are happy to start right at the beginning, and perhaps undo some of your bad Insta habits(!)
  • Are realistic about your goals, and understand that you probably won’t get game-changing results overnight

What can you expect to learn?

InstaBrains is made up of 12 modules in total. Sign up now, and you’ll soon be learning how to:

  • Create your own strategy, based on your very own personality, audiences, and objectives
  • Set up your profile in a way that gets more eyes on your brand from day one
  • Keep coming up with fun, engaging and thought-provoking content – even when you think your ideas have run dry
  • Create content for potential customers who are in different buying phases
  • Use Instagram’s best features to your advantage – including step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage static posts, carousels, Lives, Stories, and Reels, plus a dedicated transition library for Reels
  • Keep people engaged for longer
  • Decipher the Insights that are important to you
  • Save time on all the above so you don’t feel like running your Insta account is taking over your life (and your sanity!)

Will The Social Brain be providing one to one support?

InstaBrains doesn’t have its own support community, but each module has its own feedback form. If you’re not 100% sure about a topic, or you have a question for my team, one of us will record a personalised video with the advice or the answer you’re looking for.

How often will InstaBrains be updated?

Instagram is one of the fastest-moving platforms when it comes to announcing new features and bringing in last-minute algorithm changes. I will be tweaking the course on a regular basis, so you’ll always have your finger on the Instagram pulse.

Learn even more about what’s on offer and get a whistlestop tour of the platform I use to deliver InstaBrains here!


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