Is it me, or has business gone a little… quiet?

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been impacted by all the craziness of late.

Between coming out of Covid, the conflict in Ukraine, energy hikes, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, spiralling inflation, and absolute chaos in government, it’s felt like we haven’t been able to catch a breath amongst everything that’s been happening in 2022.

According to data from the latest Opinions and Lifestyle ONS survey, 93% of people in the UK are reporting that their cost of living has increased compared to this time last year. A whopping 8 in 10 of us are worried about rising prices, and more than two-thirds are spending less on non-essentials.

(You don’t need me to tell you that we’re struggling as a nation, but sometimes it’s good to see proof you’re not alone, isn’t it?)

So, frankly, it doesn’t surprise me that many individuals are being more cautious with their cash.

All this frugality is set to continue over the Christmas period, too.

A survey for the children’s charity Barnardos has found that almost half of families who celebrate Christmas are planning to spend less on their children’s Christmas presents this year. Plus, four in ten are going to be trimming down how much they spend on all the festivities.

What does this mean for business owners? Should we still be focusing on growing our brand presence?


Don’t stop promoting yourself, just because times are tough.

It’s true that, as in life, so in business. We can’t avoid reality: what’s happening in the wider world will always have an impact on the way people choose to spend their money (or not). We can’t change the fact that people may be impulse buying less and thinking a lot harder about where they’re putting their hard-earned money. 

But what you have to offer is still important.

Spreading your message is still vital.

Your marketing is still valid.

Don’t let the doom and gloom get to you, my entrepreneur friends.

Because if you continue showing up, you’ll stay front of your customers’ minds when they are ready to buy from you.

And if you can support other small businesses – whether it’s a like on a post, a referral to a friend or family member, or an actual purchase – please do. We’re all in this together, and a small gesture can make the world of difference to someone else who’s riding out this funny old wave with you.

How can The Social Brain help?

Wherever you’re at in your business, and whatever challenges you’re facing, I’m here to help you in any way I can.

If business is a bit slow, now might be a great time to level up your skills and learn how to target new audiences. ICYMI, I recently launched InstaBrains, a 12-module-long digital course dedicated to teaching you how to get maximum value from Instagram. Covering everything from strategy to content creation and analysis, there are step by step guides for EVERY aspect of your Instagram campaign, and everything can be completed at your own pace. It’s a super-affordable way to get up to speed with everything Instagram can offer you and your brand, and I’m confident it will totally transform the way you approach the platform!

Or, if you feel like you need to be around like-minded people right now, try Brainiacs. It’s my supportive social media learning hub with exclusive monthly workshops, co-working sessions, discounts on my services, and quarterly socials – plus access to a really active WhatsApp group, where you can ask me and your fellow Brainiacs as many questions as you like, whenever the mood takes you.

Let’s hope things calm down economically and politically in the next few months, and we can enjoy calmer times in 2023. Until then, just keep swimming – I know I will be!


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